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Our Motto

Let’s spread the circle of happiness
Let’s have fun like the innocence of a child’s eyes
-おとなだって こどものような瞳で遊ぼっ
Eat love, and live

〈Who’s hynata〉

Debuted through the magazine, “JJ”, hynata brings out his talents as a hair and makeup artist in Brand shows like the “KOBE COLLECTION”, as well as on various artists, celebrities and actors. He is also a product development advisor and  a producer for several companies.

【Designer History】

From his oroginal character, “acachan”, he expands his desgins onto bags and t-shirts, which are mainly sold in Taiwan. More recently, his collaboration with a company that makes baby’s clothings, or a company that produces baseball caps are some additional reasons why we should keep an eye out on him.

Having over 10 years of experience as a hair and makeup artist, his participation in the invention of the “fiber wig” for the company “dejavu” ,was a huge hit in Japan. He has shown his talent in visual production through participation in numerous designs for bags, clothings, and characters, including companies such as “ComFlex”, a sunglass brand, and “JIETTY”, a baseball cap brand.

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