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Long Eyelashes Shiner Stylist

♪ Volume up with a single coat! Long & curl ♪

A tree-shaped brush that gives you a long, upward look. At the tip, it reaches even all the fine eyelashes, and coats them beautifully.


♪ Rainbow pearl prescription ♪

7 colors of polarized pearl prescription! Make a difference in the gloss of your eyelashes under the sun!


♪ Contains 10 types of beauty essence ingredients! 1 day eyelash protection and cuticle care ♪

Roman chamomile flower extract / succinoyl atelocollagen / Arnica flower extract / rosemary leaf extract / blue pine bulb extract / garlic extract / green fox leaf, stem extract / gobo root extract / Dutch glass flower, leaf, stem extract / odorikosou flower, Leaf and stem extract


♪ Waterproof & Easy removal hybrid prescription ♪

A hybrid prescription mascara that combines the advantages of film and waterproof. Easy removal, but doesn't smudge throughout the day.! It can also be used by those who have false eyelashes/eyelash extensions!


♪ Fragrance mascara that gives a whiff of fragrance every time you blink ♪

A scented mascara that changes the mascara game!


Easy removal mascara prescription with a fragrant scent. Does not bleed with sweat, tears, water or sebum!

Volume up / curl keep / long style will make all your lashes come true ♪

Long Eyelashes Shiner Stylist

  • Apply from the root of the lashes to the tips.

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